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Themis and American Express Team up to Finance and Simplify Business-to-Business Trade

Aggiornamento: 14 lug 2023

In just a few months, Themis has been able to offer dedicated purchase lines on its patented platform for more than 20 million bimonthly with payments deferred to 60 days or more

Success was immediate and the growth does not stop but accelerates!

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, efficiency and convenience are paramount for companies of all sizes. The world of finance and transactions has seen significant advancements, and recently, Themis and American Express (Amex) joined forces to streamline and simplify business transactions. This collaboration aims to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for enterprises, empowering them to focus on growth and success. Let's delve into the details of this exciting partnership.

The Strength of Themis and Amex

Themis, a leading tech company, and Amex, a globally recognized provider of payment solutions, have come together to revolutionize the way businesses conduct transactions. By leveraging their combined expertise and technology, they created a robust platform that addresses the pain points faced by enterprises in accessing and managing the funding of their sales and purchases nationally and internationally.


Enhanced Efficiency:

One of the key benefits of this collaboration is the enhanced efficiency it brings to business transactions. Through the integration of Themis' cutting-edge trading/commerce software and Amex's secure payment solutions, enterprises can seamlessly get funded, initiate, track, and manage transactions with ease. This eliminates the need for multiple systems and processes, allowing businesses to save time, reduce errors, and optimize their financial workflows.


One year after its launch, Themis is implementing a range of services dedicated to businesses. The company, which has digitized commodity trading, aims to further simplify transactions with a significant new feature: 60-day payments for business-to-business (B2B) purchases. Themis' patented platform was initially designed to centralize, organize, and coordinate all elements of a traditional transaction, ensuring risk-free exchanges of raw materials and basic products. After a successful year of testing, Themis expanded its operations in August 2021 with an Alpha version of the platform, catering to various B2B trade types.


Enhancing Financial Security

Recognizing the market's need for secure financial transactions, Matteo Molinari, COO of Themis, highlighted the importance of ensuring that sellers receive immediate payment for their goods without the risk of buyer default. Similarly, buyers require access to credit for purchasing goods, without relying on complex procedures that hinder operational efficiency or involve traditional banking systems. To enhance its offerings and provide deferred payment options on the platform, Themis chose to partner with American Express.

Themis selected American Express as its partner to expand its offerings and provide dedicated payment terms. American Express boasts a supply chain finance program aimed at simplifying and financing commodity transactions, benefiting both suppliers and buyers in terms of working capital, deferred payments, cash flow, and improved supplier accounting processes for B2B payments. Antonio Altomonte, Head of Supplier Payments at American Express, emphasized their commitment to innovating and simplifying digital payments beyond traditional corporate cards. The goal is to help resolve common challenges in B2B payments while providing businesses with greater flexibility in managing payments and cash flow efficiently.

Streamlining Supply Chain Management

Efficient supply chain management is a crucial concern for businesses. CFOs constantly seek solutions to optimize procurement strategies and prioritize transparency throughout the value chain. Additionally, there is a growing emphasis on addressing bottlenecks in credit and debt cycles, both internal and external, to meet working capital requirements. Themis, now equipped to handle all aspects of international trade, aims to replace complex and inefficient letters of credit, streamlining the process and avoiding involvement of more convoluted channels. The collaboration has garnered immediate interest from major clients in the national and European metals, marble, and grain industries, as well as from key players in the Italian manufacturing sector

Future Developments

The strong demand for Themis' services has prompted significant restructuring, substantial investments in personnel and technology. The collaboration has also facilitated seamless integration with Themis' automated payment systems for suppliers, including instant transactions in foreign currencies. This enables manufacturers or processors to focus solely on production and product improvement, eliminating the need to allocate resources and energy to sales or supplier relationship management. Buyers can choose products and receive them at their company, paying within a 60-day timeframe, while the supplier receives immediate payment in their chosen currency.

The ongoing collaboration and integration of Themis' platform with various automated payment systems have paved the way for multiple potential services and further expansion of its offerings. Undoubtedly, Themis, bolstered by this new collaboration, aims to be a game-changer in national and international commerce.


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