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Digital B2B Commerce


Themis eliminates risks in national and international trade, it finances the purchase operation of your company through its partners, manages logistics and quality

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What we offer

01. Deferred Payments

Themis allows you to eliminate the risk of non-payment in B2B transactions. It allows the supplier to receive immediate payment and the buyer to pay in 60 or more days from delivery.

02. Marketplaces

Themis allows you to find other potential national and international buyers or sellers who use our platform. The marketplace removes any risk in the transaction as the whole sale is guaranteed by Themis

03. Secure Transactions

Thanks to Themis, buyers pay only when the goods are delivered, eliminating any risk of non-delivery. Themis takes care of logistics and quality control

Are you an intermediary?

If you are an intermediary or simply have privileged relationships with entrepreneurs, Themis offers an advantageous affiliate program

Chi siamo

Who we are


Themis is the Italian startup with one of the highest growth rates ever. It was created with the aim of making B2B trade safe, advantageous while respecting the privacy of companies. 


Let's imagine an international trade where all complications due to payments, logistics and quality are absent. The company should only be able to worry about developing a winning product, we take care of the rest


Our platform is patented and constantly evolving. Our algorithms are able to manage millions of euros of transactions in a completely automated, digital and inviolable way



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